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Digital Dictation and Transcription Accessories

At Northland Business Systems, we offer the gamut of accessories for any digital dictation and transcription setup, whether you’re conducting one-on-one interviews, transcribing meetings or recording audio from phone conversations.

Our telephone couplers allow you to connect your audio capturing device to any telephone, so you can capture and transcribe audio from a phone conversation, eliminating the need to meet in person to transcribe. We also offer lightweight transcription headsets for listening to your dictations, and foot pedals for streamlining your workflow. With the simple tap of your foot, pedals allow you to pause, rewind and fast forward so your hands are free to type.

From replacement batteries and power adaptors to upgraded card media, we offer all the digital dictation accessories you need to make an optimal dictation workspace and keep it running.

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SP-EC Replacement Ear Cushion(bud) for E61/62
List Price $2.99

Replacement ear cushions(ear buds)  for Olympus E61 and E62 headsets.
Olympus PA-1 Plug Adapter
Our Price: $3.99

Converts 3.5mm plug to 2.5 plug.
Olympus PA-3 Plug Adapter
Our Price: $3.99

Converts 2.5mm plug to 3.5 plug.
When using Olympus external microphones with a digital voice recorder, you will need this adapter.
Olympus BV119200 Large Replacement Ear Cushion for E61/62
List Price $6.00

Replacement ear cushions for Olympus E61 and E62 headsets.
Cell Phone Plug Adapter CC-20 3.5 ADP
Our Price: $7.95

Smart phone adapter for models CC-20 and CC-30. Converts 2.5 mm (2) band plug to 3.5 mm (3) band plug.
Olympus KP-13 USB Adapter for RS-27 Foot Switch
List $8.99

The Olympus KP-13 is a replacement USB connector for the Olympus RS-27 and RS-31 foot pedal / switch that is packaged with the Olympus transcription kits.

The KP-13 Cable is for use with:

  • Olympus AS-5000 Transcription Kit
  • Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit
  • RS-27 foot pedal as a stand alone item
  • RS-31 foot pedal
Olympus KP-19 USB Cable
Our Price: $9.99

Replacement USB cable for the WS series of digital voice recorders. This cable allows you to safely and securely transfer data from your WS series voice recorder to your computer.
Olympus RS-27 Serial Cable
List $10.00

This is a replacement serial cable for the RS-27 footpedal
Olympus ME12 Noise-Canceling Microphone
Internet Price $14.99

The Olympus ME12 Microphone was designed for use with DS-3000, DS-4000, DS-330, DS-660, DM-1 and DM-10 digital voice recorders. This microphone plugs into your digital recorder's microphone jack for uni-directional recording in high-noise environments.  Reduces background noise and results in more accurate transcription.
VEC TRX 20 2.5mm
Internet Price $17.95

The TRX 20 2.5mm telephone coupler is designed to be used between your telephone and your handset to deliver clear audio. Interfaces with any single or multi-line modular telephone and either a tape recorder or transcribing machine with a 2.5 mm jack. When used with a multi-line phone, it will record whichever line you are talking on.