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Olympus ME12 Noise-Canceling Microphone
Internet Price $14.99

The Olympus ME12 Microphone was designed for use with DS-3000, DS-4000, DS-330, DS-660, DM-1 and DM-10 digital voice recorders. This microphone plugs into your digital recorder's microphone jack for uni-directional recording in high-noise environments.  Reduces background noise and results in more accurate transcription.
Olympus ME52W Mono Noise Cancelling Mic
List Price $19.99

Digital voice recorders provide great solutions for voice recognition applications, however background noise will sometimes cause a problem. The ME-52W plugs directly into your digital recorder's 3.5mm microphone jack for uni-directional recording in high-noise environments. It will cut down on much of the background noise and result in a more accurate transcription. It also comes with windscreen cover, a tie-clip and 3.3ft extension cord.
Olympus ME15 Tie Clip Microphone 3.5
List Price $29.99

Highly sensitive miniature tie-clip microphone with frequency response from 100 – 12.000 Hz. To record your own voice or from other people nearby. 3.5. monoaural jack. External Microphone clips to clothing (omnidirectional)
List Price $39.95

Standard weighted base model for microphone GN-XLR.
List Price $47.95

Weighted base model with an illuminated on/off switch. Use with GN-XLR microphone.
GN-XLR Microphone
List Price $49.00

Buy GN-XLR Microphone

The multipurpose 4 pin XLR microphone is versatile enough to be used in a conference room, a courtroom, or in home offices. This microphone for GN-B-XLR and GN-BW-XLR bases features a unidirectional noise canceling gooseneck that stands 18” tall. The stem of the GN-XLR is also flexible and allows for easy adjustment. This microphone for GN-BWS-XLR should be used with either a GN-BWS-XLR or a GN-B-XLR base.

If you are shopping for a reliable multipurpose microphone, check out this GN-XLR microphone for sale!

Olympus ME51S Stereo Microphone
Internet Price $59.99

The Olympus ME51S Stereo Microphone can be plugged into the earphone/microphone/remote control socket for incredible stereo recording quality. Can be used with DS2, DM10, DM20 and DS2200 recorders.
GN-3 Microphone with Stereo Plug
List Price $99.95

Professional 19 inch uni-directional noise canceling microphone with 10 ft cord and 3.5 mm stereo plug. Recommended for PC sound card recording applications.
GN-1 Microphone with Mono Plug
List Price $99.95

Professional 18 inch uni-directional noise canceling microphone with 10 ft card and 3.5 mono plug.
Olympus ME-33 Boundary Conference Microphone
List Price $149.00
Sale Price: $99.99
You save $49.01!

The ME-33 boundary microphone is purpose-built to clearly record voice at a distance. It automatically cuts extremely high- and low-frequency sounds, improving audio quality and recording usability.