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Olympus BR-404 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack (4-AAA)
Our Price: $17.99

This pack contains four AAA size 1.2V Nickel-Metal Hydride Rechargeable Batteries (750mAh) for Olympus digital voice recorders.

AAA NiMH rechargeable battery

Extraslow selfdischarge rate

Highefficiency & longlife

Philips LFH9154 Rechargeable Battery
Internet Price $20.00
Sale Price: $18.49
You save $1.51!

Includes two AAA rechargable batteries.
For use with: Analog Pocket Memo 588, Digital Pocket Memo 9600, 9500 Series, 9370 and Conference Recording System 955
Olympus BR-403 Digital Dictation Rechargeable Battery
Internet Price $19.99

Olympus DS-3300, 4000, 5000, 5000iD Replacement Batteries

Buy the Olympus BR-403 if you need a replacement battery for DS-5000 iD, DS-5000, DS-4000, or DS-3300 digital voice recorders from Olympus. This DS-5000 battery offers up to 28 hours of recording time. Power your workflow with this rechargeable battery.

This DS-4000 battery will last through 500 charging cycles and has extremely low effect on memory. If you need a DS-4000 battery or replacement battery for any of these Olympus digital voice recorder models, buy this rechargeable Ni-MH battery to power your recorder for years to come.

Olympus LI-41C Lithium Battery Charger
Our Price: $39.99

The Olympus LI-41C Lithium Ion Battery Charger recharges the LI-40B or LI-42B battery and replaces the LI-40C charger. This charger uses a fold out plug to keep it compact.
Olympus LI-42B
List Price $44.99

Olympus LI-42B Battery for Sale

Buy the Olympus Lio42B battery pack today to keep your digital voice recorder from Olympus powered up. This battery for the Olympus DS7000 features a compact, slim design that is easy and convenient to store when on the go. If you use your digital voice recorder regularly, this lithium ion battery makes a great second battery to travel with so you are never left without power.

Recharging this battery is made quick and easy with the Olympus Lithium Ion Battery Charger Li40C. Also compatible as a battery for Olympus DS3500 recorders or as a battery for Olympus DS2500 recorders, this product has a 660 mAh capacity, allowing you to record hundreds of minutes of audio before having to recharge. If you are shopping for a secondary or replacement battery for your Olympus digital voice recorder, buy this rechargeable lithium ion battery to keep it powered when you most need it.

Olympus LI-50B Rechargeable Li-lon Battery
Our Price: $44.99

Olympus LI-50B battery pack for DM2/DM4 digital voice recorders.