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Cell Phone Plug Adapter CC-20 3.5 ADP
Our Price: $7.95

Smart phone adapter for models CC-20 and CC-30. Converts 2.5 mm (2) band plug to 3.5 mm (3) band plug.
AC-317 Adapter
Our Price: $24.95

3-volt AC adapter compatible with Olympus models S9501, S830, S832, L400. Also fits many other name brand portable units.
AC-321 Adapter
Our Price: $24.95

3-volt AC adapter for Sony and Olympus portable recorders.
PS-160 Adapter
Our Price: $24.95

6-volt Lanier AC adapter.
PS-315 16-Volt Dictaphone AC Adapter
Our Price: $24.95

The PS-315 is a 16-volt AC adapter for the Dictaphone Expresswriter: 1740, 1750, 2740, S740, 3750 series
PS-980 AC Adapter
Our Price: $24.95

The PS-980 is a 9-volt AC adapter for all Sony BM desktop models.
PS-3CV-120B 3-Volt Power Supply
Our Price: $24.95

The PS-3CV-120B is a 3-volt power supply that is compatible to most Sanyo portable models.
Olympus A329 3V Adapter
List Price $24.99

When preparing to record a long meeting, conference call, or deposition, using an AC Adapter is critical. An AC Adapter will allow you to record with confidence for long periods of time without carrying around extra sets of batteries.
Olympus A-319 AC Adapter
Our Price: $26.95

The Olympus A-319 is an AC power adapter for the S-800 and S950 series.
Philips LFH9146 Power Supply
Internet Price $39.00
Sale Price: $28.75
You save $10.25!

To charge Digital Pocket Memo 9600, 9500 Series, 9370 and Conference Recording System 955.